Friday, May 11, 2012

Recently Scooped

Over the last couple of weeks, I've tried out three new-to-me ice creams, some with better results than others.

Cedar Crest is a local ice cream (I mentioned Wisconsin makes a lot of ice cream, right? And this one has actual ties to the small town I'm living in.). I've never tried it before, so I went with a safe flavor I knew I'd like, chocolate chip cookie dough.

This is a winner! I love that the ice cream has a flavor to it, that it's almost more of a french vanilla than a standard vanilla. The cookie dough pieces were sizable, as were the chocolate chips. I don't know how wide the distribution is on this ice cream, but I recommend trying it if you can find it. It was much fresher and tastier than most other brands.

A couple weeks ago, I raved about the spiced caramel biscuit limited edition Haagen Dazs ice cream, so I tried my hand at the other limited edition, salted caramel truffle. I wasn't impressed with this one as much, though.

I found the ice cream itself unremarkable and I thought that the salted caramel was....not that tasty. It was certainly caramel, but the salted aspect didn't come through at all. That, in addition to the less-than-tasty ice cream and the truffles (which were themselves fine) made this pretty one-note. There wasn't a lot of excitement to the flavor. I won't be picking this one up again.

I lied about all of my recent ice cream acquisitions being new to me. This one is not. I think I've mentioned my affection for vanilla ice cream with Heath in it (and I do plan on blogging about my favorite vanilla-Heath combination soon). Breyers Blasts does not disappoint at all. I'm not a fan of Heath Bars on their own; they're too sticky for my tastes. But put them in a good vanilla ice cream and you have me.

Breyers doesn't skimp on a good vanilla ice cream. It's creamy and flavorful, and the Heath adds that perfect salty-bitter sweetness to it. Because it's frozen, the sticky factor is not problematic for me. There's a whole line of these Blasts, each featuring a different kind of cookie or candy bar as the mix-in. I'll be making my way through their list soon (maybe starting with the Golden Oreo one!).


  1. Disappointing news on the salted caramel front, but I do usually like the Breyers Blasts, so I'll have to give the Heath one a try.

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  3. Have you tried the Coffee Heath Crunch? OMG

    1. I haven't. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of coffee-flavored food. But you know . . . I love Heath in ice cream enough I might have to anyway!