Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest Review: Caramel Hazelnut Fudge Truffle (Kroger's Private Selections)

We have a guest review today, so welcome Christina Franke, who blogs at A Reader of Fictions. This ice cream sounds fantastic, and I'm pretty sad we don't have Kroger in my neck of the woods.
I love ice cream like whoa. I know, I know. So does everyone. I do not, however, eat ice cream all that often, largely because I hate exercising and vegetables, so if I go nuts with it, I will not be happy with my weight. Besides, ice cream is pretty expensive.

The one exception to the not eating much ice cream rule was when I went to Italy. While I was there, I ate gelato AT LEAST once a day, sometimes twice, because that was so delicious, and there was a ton of walking. I just want to live in Tuscany, so I can walk everywhere, drink wine and eat gelato all the time. Too much to ask? Anyone in the interwebs want to hire me for a job there? No?

Okay, I should probably stop talking about gelato and focus on the ice cream I’m visiting to discuss. Here’s how I lost my will power: I follow Kelly Jensen on Twitter. Since she started blogging for Scooped, she’s been posting about delicious ice cream CONSTANTLY. So, of course, I have been craving ice cream like Voldemort craves Harry’s demise. Then when I was in the grocery store, pints of ice cream just happened to be on sale. Clearly, I HAD to by ice cream. The fates WANTED me to eat ice cream, and you can’t piss off the fates, right?

So here’s what I bought, although in a smaller size:

Caramel Hazelnut Fudge Truffle. Sounds delicious, right? Private Selection is Kroger’s fancy brand. They have a ton of amazing sounds ice creams on offer, and I think I will have to try more, as this one was such a success. Also, please be proud of me that I actually made my pint last for FOUR sittings. This was nothing short of a miracle.

First, let’s discuss the ice cream itself before moving on to the additions. The chocolate hazelnut ice cream was delicious.  I would be pretty happy just eating the plain ice cream. Hazelnut is probably the best nutty flavor (the one that also brings us the taste sensation that is Nutella), and even the base of this ice cream is stellar.

Second, we have the addition of the caramel. The caramel is well-integrated. Although there is not caramel in every bite, they definitely did not skimp on it, either. There was even one vein of MUCH caramel, which I mightily appreciated. The caramel drizzle enhanced the flavor of the ice cream perfectly.

Finally, there are the fudge truffles. They were, in my opinion, the weak link of this ice cream. They weren’t bad, and they certainly were plentiful. (I love when ice cream makers don’t skimp on ingredients, don’t you?) However, they were not as delicious as I was anticipating. Some of them had what I think was caramel in the center, and those were more pleasant, but others were just chocolate. They were a bit too crunchy for the texture sensation I expected from this ice cream. I think this ice cream would have been improved by a softer truffle, or the use of fudge or brownie pieces instead.

All things considered, Private Selections’ Caramel Hazelnut Fudge Truffle was an utter delight for the palate. I eagerly anticipate more Private Selections in my future. Usually I am skeptical of store brands for certain products, but Kroger definitely delivers with their ice cream line.


  1. I really just need to run away every time I read something in a blog title about food, because you've got me craving. Not very nice, you know. ;)

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  2. It is delicious, just had some, regrettably stopping & putting it back in the freezer for Tomorrow