Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: D’Ambrosio Gelato in Seattle, Washington (Guest Post)

Jackie Parker -- librarian, sometimes blogger, and foodie -- has submitted the first SCOOPED guest post, and it's a review of Seattle's D'Ambrosio Gelato.

When I first moved to my neighborhood the only ice cream to be found in this incredibly walkable local was an overpriced frozen yogurt shop that claimed to be green, but served the stuff in styrofoam. Since then, there’s been an explosion in tune with the rumored statistic of Seattle being the second highest ice cream consuming city. This had made me very happy. The newest shop is D’Ambrosio Gelato. I’ve eaten a fair amount of gelato in my life, but D’Ambrosio is easily the creamiest I’ve ever had. Every flavor I’ve tasted has been great. On this outing Kyle and I both got medium dishes. Medium comes with three options; I went with Pistacchio, Hazelnut, and Caramel & Figs. Kyle got Crunchy Biscotti and Lemon Ginger.

The hazelnut and pistachio where good representation of fairly standard flavors; sweet, balanced by nuttiness. The standout was the Caramel & Fig. People, this was caramel gelato swirled with a jammy fig compote - I had what must have been a half a preserved fig in my swirl. It also blended beautifully with the two nutty flavors.

Kyle was pleasantly surprised at how well the biscotti went with the lemon ginger. For the biscotti, don’t think those twice baked cookies you get in coffee shops, think of Biscoff cookies crumbled in a sweet cream gelato. The lemon ginger had a bright pop that faded into the vegetal spiciness of fresh ginger, tempering the sweetness of the biscotti gelato.

The store’s only been open for a couple months, but this was our third time there. It won’t be our last. 

I know where Jackie will be taking me next time I am in Seattle. 

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  1. Gelato is the freaking best. When I went to Italy, I ate gelato at least once every single day. I regret NOTHING.

    I should move to Italy so that can be my life. #plans